Click the following to connect you to Russell's meeting room. Click the following for BoardGameArena's: Hand and Foot page.

You may want to change how the "pictures" of participants are displayed.
If so, hover your mouse near the top right corner of the zoom window and you should see:

Click on "View" and you should see:

"Gallery" view shows all participants in same sized windows.
"Speaker" view shows the current speaker in a larger window.

There, you will probably just wait for an invitation,
in the bottom-right corner, which will look like:

Once you see it, click 

To enable/disable your audio/video, hover your mouse near the bottom, left of the Zoom window:

Then click the appropriate button(s)

 How to randomly split up into teams of 4

Here are the options the 7 Central crew use:
Here are the options Phyllis and the Canadians (Judy, Rose & Glenda) use: